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Spiritual Coaching

A spiritual life coach is a coach that helps you change your life by helping you as you develop a deeper spiritual connection to your ideas of God and/or the Universe.  They assist you to dig into your roots and beliefs and your connection to the divine.

Working with a spiritual life coach can reveal your life purpose to you. They can also assist you find who you really are and understand things that may have escaped you as you healed your old wounds and grew into new ideas from a knowledge or emotional base.

Spiritual coaches respect that we all have our own spiritual beliefs. Their job is to help you reveal your inner beliefs and bring your ideas about spirituality to the surface. Your spiritual  coach can help you get clear on who you are and which forms of spirituality you connect with best. They can help you implement new spiritual practices that allow your soul to blossom and keep you connected to your divine wisdom.

The roles that a spiritual  coach are very different from those of a standard life coach. A spiritual  coach can walk you through an entirely different set of goals such as discovering the essence of love or being one with the universe or how to connect to God as you know God on a deeper and intimate level.  Spiritual  coaches are experienced with helping people find their sense of peace, love, and purpose.

People  have spiritual gifts and abilities that they can be ignorant of or confused about.

A spiritual  coach will help you learn to trust yourself and your intuition and how to use this as a basis to find and develop your own gifts. They will show you how to break free of any beliefs or practices that no longer serve you and no longer resonate with you on a deep level. They will show you how to continue to evolve and grow spiritually in every area of your life.

Is spiritual coaching religious? It certainly can be depending on the client's needs. Some coaches are more traditionally religious than others. Tolerance is a huge part of spiritual coaching. People should be met where they are and on what ever path they're walking. A spiritual coach should be flexible enough to work with a client from his/her personal philosophy, faith tradition, and spirituality. And a coach must be prepared to assist he person who is not in touch with any spirituality, but is seeking one. People wake up spiritually at different times and for different reasons.

Simply, a spiritual coach works with clients in facilitating spiritual growth. By listening and asking relevant questions, the coach helps the client begin to find his/her way along a meaningful Path or conversely helps the more advanced client attain even greater spiritual depth.  Growing and maintaining a healthy spiritual life is of the utmost importance for complete holistic health.  It is the job of the coach to be thoroughly present and help the client through the process. 

*Deborah Rose is Christian in faith and practices many spiritual gifts under numerous names –

  • prophesying/intuitive guidance
  • laying of hands/energetic healing
  • dream interpretation
  • spiritual cleansing of homes and property

Deborah has been described as a Christian mystic and accepts this label in an effort for people to understand and accept her and her gifts. Deborah was first made aware of her gifts as a child but floundered for many years due to a lack of understanding and guidance in her own life in regards to spiritual development.  

She works with anyone who is wanting a deeper understanding and connection to their own spiritual growth and does what any excellent coach does – help others to define their goals and devise strategies to achieve those goals and helps them in the step by step process.