Find Your Truth with Deborah Colleen Rose

Holistic Healing with Transformational  Tutoring


Deborah Rose has a diversified background that allows her to share her experience and wisdom in a variety of ways.  Deborah has over 30 years in the private investigative field, 20 years as a coach and handwriting analysis, 25 years as a mental health advocate and family supporter and 5 years as an interactive entertainer.  Deborah's books can be found on  Click on any of the links below for more specific information.  Or you can email Deborah at or phone her at 972-494-3232.

Deborah is a lifetime entrepreneur. Her background consists of being an investigator, paralegal, mediator, handwriting formation therapist, and a life skills coach, utilizing Neuro- linguistic Programming Procedures as the foundation. For over twenty five years, Deborah’s career has been founded in the legal arena. While still managing her investigative company, Deborah was the Director of Educational Development for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) in Texas for over three years. This allowed her to publish books, curriculum and train and teach over 10,000 professionals and family members, in the mental health field, focused on the needs of the children and their families.

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