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Classes & Public Speaking

Transformational Topics

Corporate and Non Profits Presentations


  • How To Start a Non Profit 
  • What Do You Really Know About Hiring (Staff, Partners, Contractors)
  • How to Hire a PI
  • Managing Risks in Your Day to Day Business
  • The Basics Of Private Investigation
  • Privacy, Civil Rights and the PI
  • Protective Intelligence – 101
  • Sexual harassment and the Workplace
  • How to Prevent Violence in the Workplace
  • Medical Records, HIIPA and What You Need to KNOW and Why
  • Due Diligence is Not Just For The Big Guys
  • Due Diligence Pt 2
  • Personality Profiles and How They Can Help in Hiring
  • How to Build a Non Profit
  • How To Hire a Private Investigator
  • Sexual Harassment at the Office
  • Privacy and Ethics – How Far Can You Investigate?
  • Pre Employment Backgrounds
  • How To Slow Down Employee Turn Over


*Custom Presentations Are Available


Personal and Mental Health Issues

  • Josh Wears a Red Cape – My son’s story about bipolar disorder
  • Mental Health Basics – How to Hire a Doctor
  • Brain Disorders – When the Brain is a Chemical Dump
  • Communication Workshops – Customized
  • Self Care and Coping with Family Crisis that Never Stop
  • Goals – What is a Well Formed Outcome?
  • Goal Setting – Anchor Your Goal into Reality
  • Empathy – The Strongest Way to Say I Love You


*Using NLP Strategies, a two to four hour presentation can be customized for your group to assist in problem solving and brainstorming your way to success.

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Deborah first published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul - Children with Special Needs. 
Since then she has written self help books,  curriculums for families and teens, dealing with mental health and a children's story explaining bi polar disorder. 
For more information:
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A little touchstone to remind you a a bigger power that you can always count on. This was the brainstorm of Deborah and brought to life by her daughter, Caitlin and is copyrighted.

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Deborah Colleen Rose


Please accept this letter of recommendation regarding the talent and value of Deborah Rose.  I have had the express pleasure of working with Mrs. Rose through the Council of Families for Children and NAMI Texas.

She and I co-authored the youth curriculum, Great Minds Think Alike (GMTA), and her professionalism and understanding of youth with mental illness was invaluable to the successful completion of the project. Her understanding of the intricacies of advocacy proved priceless in the train-the-trainer aspect of the curriculum delivery. Assisting others around Texas to deliver the training with excellence, compassion and understanding is a true talent for Mrs. Rose.

Mrs. Rose has dedicated herself to the benefit of others through her advocacy, training efforts and private investigation business. She has provided accomplished consultation to law enforcement, tireless advocacy to children and families and knowledgeable curriculum to trainers as well as consumers.


Sharon Gothard-Barron

"Dear Deborah,

As the programs chair, I am in constant awe of the generous community Dallas has because people like you take time out of your busy schedule to share with us your knowledge, expertise, and insight into subjects that are salient, current, important, and transforming.

Thank you for being our program, for your generous spirit, and for your time, we appreciate you.


Cheryl Drane Skipworth

Programs Chair & President"

"Good morning, Deborah!
I wanted to thank you again for the great training for our Anthem team this past Saturday. The training helped so everyone could be more conscious of what they encounter and how to best be helpful and sensitive to others.  Everyone is thanking me for having the workshop and saying how helpful it was to,not only others, but to their own families.
Many thanks, my friend!
Cosette"  Cosette Bowles, Ex. Dir. Anthem Strong Families

“Working with Deborah on non-profit projects is a joy and pleasure for me. She has done and is doing an amazing job in her position with NAMI TEXAS. She is always responsive to inquiries for clarification and support, as well as suggestions for improvement to the program, and very professional in her approach to solutions. I strongly recommend her and without reservation.” 

Stephanie (Lundgren) Boyer, Visions for Tomorrow State Trainer, NAMI Oregon

 “Deborah, through her work with NAMI Texas provided training to the Juvenile Probation PO's and other community providers that work with children and families that have a mental health diagnosis. The training was exceptional, thought provoking and informative. Her energy, presence, and skill level added to the presentation. Her enthusiasm and ability to "work the audience" helped to provide the staff with innovative up to date information regarding mental health issues and current/future trainings for families and their children. We appreciated her professional as well as her personal expertise.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative 

Linda Duke - Austin Juvenile Center

“Deborah's energy, optimism, intelligence, creativity, organization, outgoing personality and excellence at what she does has made her a delight to work with. She achieves wonderful results.”
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Bonnie Cord - Attorney

“Deborah is a bright and insightful author who is able to capture the essence of the topic with gentle humor, all the while pulling the heartstrings of the soul.”
Lisa Teschner, Executive Director, NAMI Dallas, Inc.

 “I hired Deborah and she really educated me on how PI works. Great to work with!”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
Mark Berry  - Love Kung Fu

“Deborah is truly one of a kind. Her research skills are unparalleled. When she performs due diligence, Deborah really digs deep for details that make all the difference when making important decisions. I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Michael Davis

“Deborah is a true professional. Her attention to detail and customer service admirable. I would highly recommend her and her services. Sincerely, Lance Wirtanen”
Lance Wirtanen, Vice President, IBI Global

“Deborah's response is prompt, concise, and accurate. It is easy to work with her company.”
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity
Mary Wilson-Keener - CPA

“Deborah has provided effective and efficient private investigative services each time I have hired her firm.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
Rich Lehmann - Attorney, CEO - Confused Pictures, LLC

“I have known Deborah and her company for about a year, and in my opinion her professionalism, reliability, and discretion can be relied on completely.”
William Brandon - The eLearning Guild

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