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Transparency Says It All!

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 8:00 AM

To continue about chunking down to our core emotional response for effective communications, let me refresh you on what chunk communication means:

C = Clear/Concise

H = Honest

U = Uninhibited

N = Natural/Normal

K = Kind


Natural and normal. Seems pretty natural to expect that, doesn’t it. I just made myself grin. I can’t imagine being anything but natural. I am nothing close to normal. The normal we are talking about here is about saying and doing things that are normal for you… about being true to your personality and your core being.

If you have a million dollar vocabulary, then you are allowed to use it for the most part. If you have a way of speaking that is indicative to how you were raised, you are allowed to speak that way. Being true to who you are commands respect and puts people at ease. For instance – remember when Madonna decided she should speak with an English accent? I can only say that most people had the attitude of “What’s up with that?” I made myself grin again.

People knew it wasn’t real and it served no purpose to the general public’s way of thinking. Most people can be supportive of change that improves a person, but fake anything just puts us off.

I had my own experience with this as a child. I had a teacher in 5th grade who was a singer that had been trained in opera. She was telling us one day in music that we should make our mouths “O” shaped for a better, resounding sound. I am no singer, first of all. But I love to sing. So I would sing all the time and I would try to make my mouth the “O” shape as I did so. My mother saw this one day and started laughing and asked me what I was doing. I explained and she said, “Just be yourself. Enjoy the song for what it is and besides, it makes you look silly.” I have thought about that a lot growing up. There are times to change our natural direction to stimulate change and growth and then there are other times to enjoy ourselves for who and what we are.

So, unless you are striving for a certain change, be yourself. Do what is normal for you. Temper it with clear, concise, honest and being unhibited and kind and you just can’t go wrong.


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