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Waht is Your Definition of You??!!

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Which kind of person are you? Do you like labels? Do you like to label yourself?

Do you find your definition of you is constantly changing? Or are you still trying to define yourself?

I am all of those things and more. However, to effectively communicate to you who I am and what I DO, it serves a greater purpose to have a clear definition of at least, what I do and be able to convey that.

To start my new blog, I have a definition of ME on who I can be to YOU!

I am a personal advocate. Whoa. What does that mean?

The basic definition of an advocate is a “person who supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.” I thought to myself, this is a perfect way to define who I am to my clients and what I can do.

I SUPPORT your choices, especially your choices to grow, be happier and to become more of YOU.

I recommend strategies, ideas, life changes and incorporating new ideas and habits that can assist you in becoming more of YOU.

And then I kick it up a notch. I actually go out and seek more info, more ideas, more resources, if what I have in my repertoire of wisdom and experience does not suit you or work for you and this makes me YOUR PARTNER in moving closer to the goal – Becoming more of YOU.

And just what does being more of YOU mean, you might be thinking? For me, it is finding your passions or developing those talents and desires that will lead you to your passions.

It is about fulfilling your life dreams but also your life’s purpose – what resonates deep inside of you of who you are when you feel a longing for something different but can’t quite put your finger on it. It is about being involved deeper with your own insights and emotions, not just to feel better about who you are but to feel better about who you are because you have more to offer to others.

But the bottom line, as your personal advocate, it is my job to help you define what being more of YOU, means to You and what you want to do to achieve that vision.

So here I am, Deborah Colleen Rose, your personal advocate, ready to assist you in your dreams, desires and your destinations in life!

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